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Getting Creative with Passwords

Getting Creative with Passwords

We’ve all been there before—we log into an app or website, and it asks for our password. When we forget it, we click on the “Forgot Password” link, which prompts us for a new password.

You type in your old password. Error! You cannot use the same password. You think hard and come up with a new one. Error! It must contain letters and numbers. Error! Need capital letters. Error again! You need special characters—what are “special characters”?!

If only we could get rid of passwords. But for the time being, they are here to stay. So, instead of getting frustrated, let’s turn it into a game. Here are some tips for making passwords. Please keep these passwords private and secure. Once known, they are no longer secure.

1: Remember patterns instead of exact passwords.

Examples: Adjective-animal, Color-food
Adjective-animal: cutedog, furrycat
Color-food: goldenfishnchips, brownsteak

2: Use the English spelling of non-English words. Capitalize on this if you’re bilingual.

Examples: brownniurou, zhongsteak

3: Capitalize whole words. But don’t do it for every word.

Examples: brownNiuRou, brownNiurou, zhongSteak

4: Use L337 to convert letters to numbers.

Code: E: 3, S: 5, O: 0, T: 7, A: 4, I: 1, G: 9.
Examples: br0wnN1uR0u, zh0n9Ste4k

5a: L337 for special characters.

Code: A: @, 5 :$, 9: ).
Examples: zh0n9$te4k

5b: Use the “shift” version of the numbers.

Examples: zh0n)$te4k

Do you see how easy it is to develop new, strong passwords? If you still can’t remember your passwords after all this, use a password manager like Dashlane or LastPass. They allow you to remember one master password while they store random passwords. But once you lose the master password, you cannot access your other passwords.

I hope these tips will make it easier for you to create strong passwords.😀

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post.

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