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Ionic Learning Notes

Ionic Learning Notes

Ionic Icons: https://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/ionicons

2. Common Commands

CommandWhat it does?
ionic start --v2Creates a new Ionic 2 project
ionic serveLaunch app in browser
ionic generate page <page>Generates an Ionic page

3. Snippets and Solutions

3.1 Fix to Ionic Page Generation Error

Link to solution:


  1. Open the ionic.config.json file.

  2. Copy & paste these lines:

    "typescript": true,
    "v2": true
  3. Save and re-run the generate page command.

3.2. Play Audio on in Ionic

Install necessary plugins


Testing in browser with cordova


Install the browser platform for cordova to load cordova plugins.

cordova platform add browser

Run the Ionic app on the browser platform.

ionic cordova run browser

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