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Dav/Devs 2024 Released!

Dav/Devs 2024 released!Dav/Devs 2024 techonologies

I’ve just released a new skin for my portfolio.

Using all the experience and skills I picked up, I challenged my creativity to create a more striking design and layout. The biggest feature added was dark mode. Press on the lightbulb icon to toggle it. This uses the prefers-color-scheme CSS media query.

Another feature I added was the accept-cookies-policy popup. If enabled, it will remember your theme preference. If you initially pressed “yes”, you can refresh and press “no” to undo your cookie preference. This capitalises on the new dialog HTML element.

Technologies used: HTML, SASS, TailwindCSS, TypeScript, Astro SSG, FontAwesome, and Contentful for the jokes.

I still can’t resolve the CORS issues with my contact form. Meanwhile, contact me via Instagram or LinkedIn if you face any technical issues.


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