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Web Terms Akin to the Human Body

Web Terms Akin to the Human BodyHardware akin to the bodySoftware akin to the soulHTML is the skeleton of the web pageCSS is like makeupJS is like the musclesServer-side code is like the soulDatabase is akin to memory

I’m trying to find ways to help laypeople understand technical jargon. My goal is to break them down into concepts they understand. Here is my first attempt at using the anatomy of the human body. To my non-technical peeps, let me know how this works out for you.

Hardware: Body
Software: Soul
Website: Any link you open on a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.).
Web Browser: A software that allows you to interact with the internet.

HTML: Skeleton
Provides structure to a web page.

CSS: Makeup
Beautifies the web page.

JavaScript (JS): Muscles
Makes the web page functional.

Server-side code: Soul
The moving parts of a large website like e-commerce (Shopee, Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, etc.) or social media sites (Facebook, TikTok, etc.). You don’t see it, but these large websites cannot function without it.

Database: Memory
Stores the data of websites from blogs (DanielFoodDiary, LadyIronChef) to e-commerce sites (Shopee, Amazon, etc.) to social media sites (Facebook, TikTok, etc). Like server-side code, you don’t see it, but you see its effect.

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