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Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Bootstrap 4 Template



HTML, Bootstrap 4, Font Awesome 5


ParsleyJS, DataTables, MomentJS, Tempus Dominus (datetime picker), PrismJS


Built on Bootstrap 4, this template prioritizes simplicity and minimal setup for immediate usability. Unlike many admin dashboard templates, this one is engineered to be straightforward and easy to use.


Feel free to use this template for your admin-dashboard projects.

Included Packages

This project comes bundled with essential packages commonly used in my web development projects:

  • ParsleyJS: Form validation
  • DataTables: Sort, search, and paginate table data
  • MomentJS: Format date-times
  • Tempus Dominus: Datetime picker
  • PrismJS: Syntax highlighting

Integrate and enhance your web development projects effortlessly with this Bootstrap 4 template.